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Brain Tree Games Psychological Entertainment : Answer

The Answer represents your inner world, connected to both your past as a child and to your present as an adult.  

  • Question 1 Answer : the order in which you placed the animals indicates your priorities in life. The cow represents your career, the tiger your sense of self-worth, the sheep represents love, the horse represents family and the pig represents money.
  • Question 2 Answer :  the adjective you used to describe each object reveals how you subconsciously see your life. The word you used to describe the dog reveals how you see your personality. The word you used to describe the cat represents your partner’s personality. How you described the rat is the way you see your enemies. The association you have with coffee describes your attitude to sex, and the word you used to describe the sea describes your life overall.
  • Question 3 Answer : the colors you chose for each person describes your relationship with them. The yellow person is someone who’s had a significant influence on your life. The orange person is someone you consider a true friend. The red person is someone you love wholeheartedly. The white person is your kindred spirit, and the green person is the person you’ll remember for the rest of your life.