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Brain Tree Games Psychological Entertainment : Answer

The Answer represents your inner world, connected to both your past as a child and to your present as an adult.  

  • Question 1 Answer : favorite color actually represents the truth about how they see themselves, how they view their own personality.
  • Question 2 Answer :  favorite animal is the truth about what they want in an ideal life partner
  • Question 3 Answer :favorite form or body of water is the truth about their view of their own sexuality and their attitude towards sex and some might even argue, towards life itself.

While you are watching them answer, you are not only taking note of what they say, but also how they say it.  All of what they do tells you something.  For example, if they really struggle with this exercise, it is safe to say that you are talking to a person who is not very introspective.  If someone struggles to come up with a favorite color, they may struggle with knowing who they are or they may hate the feeling of being ‘tied down’ to being one way or another.          

       Obviously, this exercise is designed to get people to expose aspects of themselves that they may not consciously be aware of about themselves.