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Being in the puzzle manufacturing business for the past five years, we have only the Best Puzzles for Sale. There's no compromise in the quality of the product, and after a thorough examination by the quality assurance team, it reaches your home in the U.S. We aim to deliver a top-notch quality experience to every enthusiastic puzzle solver by delivering them the best Jigsaw Puzzles in America. If you are still looking for the best jigsaw puzzles near me, now you know which brand you need to shop with.

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Improve your mind's creativity and enjoy quality time with your loved ones solving some of the finest and premium build jigsaw puzzles from the house of Brain Tree Games. In the current puzzle industry, there's a wide gap between top-notch quality and cost-effective puzzles. That's where we at Brain Tree Games come in. While solving our jigsaw puzzles, you'll have a great puzzle-solving experience at a highly affordable price bracket. We are not limited to a specific type of puzzle; we have many puzzle options available for you and your family to explore.

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Cats Jigsaw Puzzle
Collage Jigsaw Puzzles

Up next: Organic Farm 🍎 by@braintreegames So many amazing things come with this puzzle:
• High quality puzzle poster
• Box stand
• 4 Sorting trays
• Resealable bag
• Puzzle Catalogue

It was so exciting opening this puzzle and finding so many things inside 🧩

The box is great, it is sturdy and firm, and the images have a different texture that feel so good! ✨📦

Susana Escobar

New puzzle brand alert! I really enjoyed this puzzle@braintreegamesgave me so much that I already preordered five more… loved that sorting trays come with the puzzle!

Emilee Frost

Have you guys tried puzzles from@braintreegames yet?

They are beautiful and inexpensive, but definitely don't skimp on quality.

I'm currently working on this one called Beach Holiday. It's a bit challenging, which I like, and sooooo colorful, WHICH I LOVE!

Meeple Sammich

Santa delivered this incredible puzzle to complete right before the New Year. After all, the holidays are still going if the tree is still up!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. This puzzle was not placed under the tree by Santa, it was gifted to me by@braintreegames and I can’t thank them enough.

The quality was impeccable on this 1000 piece puzzle “Christmas Eve”. The random cut matte pieces were some of my favorite ever. Absolutely no false fits, sections moved easily, passed the pickup challenge, tons of choices of images, the details of the artwork were fun and engaging and the extras e.g. sorting trays, a large poster, extra plastic bag and a loyalty program were amazing added bonuses. So I was incredibly surprised to find out the price was $15.99! I know, crazy right!!!!!
Happy and healthy New Year to all of you! I look forward to more puzzles and friendships in 2022.

Lisa cohen

Santa's Gift by@braintreegameswas a really fun way to spend my day. Christmas puzzles are some of my favorite puzzles to do, so when I saw this design I knew I had to test it out.

Braintree is based out of Virginia and their puzzles are made in India. Each box comes jam-packed with goodies, including 4 cardboard sorting boxes, 1 box stand, a coupon for future purchase, a catalog, a ziploc bag, and a poster with random trivia on the back (that you can submit for a chance to win a giveaway).

Whenever a puzzle has a very digitally created image, I often worry about how the photo will translate over to the puzzle. In this case, there were no blurry pieces and the image looked sharp.

The pieces are cardboard of average thickness and sturdiness. They are matte finish with a soft, smooth feel. There were a few pieces with some minor peeling at the edges so I suspect the blade was a little dull when it was cut, but it overall did not affect the puzzle. I enjoyed piecing together the puzzle scene by scene.

Kate Hentschel

Woohoo! 🎉Puzzle Mail on the last day of the year!🥳 “Magic Room” puzzle! It looks like it’s going to be so much fun! I love that this puzzle comes with a poster of the image, sorting trays, a box top holder, as well as a zip lock baggie! Very well put together ensemble!

Marilyn DeGasperis

The parts are quite thick and fit together well. I liked the variety of pieces. This really increases the pleasure of this puzzle. The colors are vivid and we can clearly see every little detail! No damaged parts were in the box.

The design:
I find the image of the puzzle really pretty and full of details. It makes me want to go on a trip. The company really offers a nice variety of puzzle choices, there is something for everyone! Go see!

I add that the price of puzzles is really cheaper than some brands with equivalent quality. Really a beautiful discovery for me and I recommend it without hesitation!

Joannie Thomassin

We love the selection because not only do we love collage puzzles, we love building city puzzles too. The puzzle has vibrant colors to its images and it even has a matte finish. The puzzle box came with a big poster, 4 sorting trays, a ziploc bag for storing your puzzles, and a puzzle catalog of their puzzles. Give this puzzle company a try, we think you’ll like them. Swipe to the last two vids and tell us which “last piece” video do you enjoy more? 😹

Puzzle No. 53
Title: Colourful Wonders
Brand:@braintreegamesPiece: 1000
Size: 27.50 x 19.75 inches
Puzzling Nerds rating: 🧩🧩🧩🧩
Puzzling difficulty: 😍🥰😚

Jason and Daphne

Pet shop by@braintreegameswas quite fun. Emma and Ruby (slide 3) would have preferred more dogs but I’m sure they’d have fun hanging out in that shop either way! 🐶
This was a new brand to us and we throughly enjoyed it. The pieces are thick and sturdy with a nice matte finish. The box includes a reusable ziploc bag, sorting trays and a box too holder.
While this puzzle was gifted to us for our puzzle library, we would absolutely do more from this brand, especially considering how reasonably they are priced. They have a ton of images.
Thank you@braintreegamesfor sending this! We can’t wait to share it in our puzzle library and we know others will enjoy it.

Allison Leckinger

What suffers the most when you’re in your puzzle zone?
For me it’s my errands and chores. But I couldn’t resist starting this@braintreegamespuzzle. It’s packed full of cool extra goodies. There’s cool cardboard sorting trays, full size poster, a resealable bag, puzzle stand and some fun puzzles on the back of the poster.
I best get back to my chores so I can puzzle this evening. 🤣🧩

Cary Pasqualle

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