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Puzzle Tray

Puzzle Tray is a vital tool to finish a jigsaw puzzle in an elite way. Our sorting trays are unique and eco-friendly.

Puzzle Sorting Tray

Best Puzzle Sorting Tray

Let us discuss some important information about Brain Tree Games puzzle sorting trays! Remember, all our trays come free with your fantastic puzzle box.
  • Sort your exciting puzzle pieces into colors for quick and easier assembly with this Puzzle sorting tray.
  • Compact and sensible enough to hold 1000 piece puzzles easily.
  • Store puzzle pieces neatly and safely until you need them for your adventure.
  • Puzzle Sorting Trays allows you to organize pieces by color, image ideas, border and keep them sorted while building the jigsaw puzzle.
  • Our puzzle trays are made out of virgin fiber duplex board, whose thickness is 320GSM.
  • Puzzle trays are easy to assemble! Might need 2-3 seconds of your valuable time.
  • Puzzle sorters can be stored in a very tiny space after finishing your puzzle, like keeping it in your wallet!
  • When you finish the puzzle, you can discard them if you want to, as each of our boxes has them in it. All our 1000 pcs boxes have four trays.
  • The measurements of Brain Tree Games puzzle trays are 15cm x 15cm x 5cm, which is compact and enough for the puzzle pieces.
  • Last but not least, our puzzle sorting trays are 100% recyclable, which is 100% rare to find these days! Let's care about our planet!