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Puzzle Box Stand

puzzle stand

Best Puzzle Box Stand

A puzzle box stand is always a great way to start a puzzle. It's a joy for many to have their box with the puzzle box with picture standing on their mission. Many find it annoying when the top boxes fall when made to stand up for convenience. Remember, our puzzle stand comes free with your great puzzle box.
  • Brain Tree Games puzzle stands are sturdy, colorful, and informatory 
  • Exceptionally well-crafted puzzle stands are very easy to use, Just fold, Insert the box, and Use.
  • The puzzle stand can be stored easily after its use.
  • Puzzle stands are very informative with many details, and it has pictures of our other puzzle images for your choice.
  • Our puzzle stands are made out of virgin fiber duplex board, whose thickness is 320GSM which is sturdy.
  • Brain Tree Games puzzle stands are designed carefully so that the puzzle boxes stand at an angle of 100 degrees where it is easy for the puzzler to see the image from close range and long-range.

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