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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS ABOVE $75 | Breaking News : We Sent Our Jigsaw Puzzle Into SPACE 🚀🧩
FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS ABOVE $75 | Breaking News : We Sent Our Jigsaw Puzzle Into SPACE 🚀🧩
Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space: Unveiling a Galactic Puzzle Adventure! | Brain Tree Games

Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space: Unveiling a Galactic Puzzle Adventure! | Brain Tree Games

World's 1st Puzzle Into Space

Embarking on the Cosmic Odyssey: Crafting History Beyond Imagination

 In the ever-evolving saga of human achievement, there are pivotal moments that resonate as epoch-making feats of innovation and determination. Brain Tree Games, helmed by visionary Co-CEOs Vasu SP and Shivaram SP, scripted such a narrative – a daring expedition that transcended the conventional boundaries of possibility. Their audacious mission was simple in concept yet overwhelmingly complex in execution: sending a jigsaw puzzle to the realm beyond our planet's grasp, into the expanse of space itself.

Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space


  • A Vision Ignited: Where Curiosity Meets Innovation

At the core of Brain Tree Games' philosophy was an unwavering dedication to kindling the flames of curiosity and wonder. Yet, with the launch of a jigsaw puzzle into space, the company unveiled a masterpiece that would rewrite the definition of innovation. The coalescence of passion, curiosity, and unbounded imagination propelled Vasu SP and Shivaram SP to chart a course that would leave an indelible mark in history.


  • Crunching Numbers, Defying Odds: The Art of Precise Calculations

Behind the mesmerizing visuals and audacious plans lay a foundation of meticulous calculations and technical ingenuity. The quest for a flawless payload began with exacting precision – the determination of weight, a pivotal factor that could alter the course of history. Countless hours of analysis led to the perfect equilibrium, ensuring that the puzzle, the sophisticated camera, and accompanying technology would coalesce seamlessly to weather the relentless trials of space.

 Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space payload balancing

  • The Odyssey of Endurance: Taming the Cosmos

A pivotal challenge lay in sourcing a camera that could endure the space's harshest extremes. With temperatures plummeting to -50°C, the lens's freezing was a formidable threat. Tireless experimentation birthed a solution: a camera that defied the odds, capturing breathtaking vistas while circumventing the perils of temperature-induced lens freeze. As technology met tenacity, Brain Tree Games manifested the impossible.

 Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space freezing camera

  • Dancing with Electromagnetic Waves: A Symphony of Precision

The universe pulsates with electromagnetic waves – a challenge that necessitated a symphony of engineering and innovation. The tracking system's resilience to space's electromagnetic dance was essential. The outcome was a technological marvel – a tracking system that defied the universe's chaotic waves, ensuring that every moment of the puzzle's journey would be meticulously documented.

 Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space electro magnetic waves

  • A Puzzle Reimagined: Crafting a Cosmic Conundrum

In the grand tale of Brain Tree Games' cosmic odyssey, a pivotal chapter unfolds in the very creation of the star-bound protagonist – the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Crafted with meticulous care and profound consideration, the puzzle itself became a canvas that would traverse the cosmos, bearing witness to the mysteries of the universe.

 Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space

  • Designing for the Beyond: A Puzzle Born of Innovation

As the launch of a jigsaw puzzle into space was envisioned, the task of manufacturing the centerpiece was met with both excitement and immense challenge. The intricacies of space, with its extreme temperatures and radiation, required a design that defied convention. The 1000 pieces had to not only fit together seamlessly but also endure the harsh environment that awaited them.

 Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space, brain tree games

  • The Alchemy of Materials: Forged for the Cosmos

The manufacturing process was an alchemical blend of technology and craftsmanship. Specialized materials, carefully selected for their resilience, became the building blocks of this otherworldly puzzle. The glue itself was no ordinary adhesive; it had to withstand the tests of extreme cold and radiation, maintaining the integrity of the puzzle's composition.

  • A Dance of Precision: The Puzzle's Weight and Balance

Every piece counted, both literally and metaphorically. The weight and balance of the puzzle held crucial significance, influencing not only its journey but also its very essence. Meticulous calculations were employed to ensure that the puzzle's weight adhered to strict parameters, allowing it to ascend through the atmosphere with grace and accuracy.

Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space weight of puzzle

  • Enduring the Unknown: Crafting for Space's Rigors

As the puzzle took shape, it had to be fortified against the challenges of space travel. The delicate interplay between artistry and technology manifested in the puzzle's ability to withstand the severe temperatures, intense radiation, and unpredictable conditions of the cosmos. The resulting creation was more than just a puzzle – it was a testament to human innovation and a symbol of limitless exploration.


  • Chronicle of a Countdown: Precision and Anticipation

As the countdown to launch commenced, the atmosphere thrummed with a potent blend of anticipation and nerves. Meteorological forecasts were parsed meticulously, flight trajectories recalibrated on the fly, and each element choreographed to perfection. Crafting a bespoke parachute and selecting an ideal sounding balloon were achievements that underscored the team's mastery – an intricate blend of scientific calculation and creative finesse.


  • The Ascent to the Infinite: When Dreams Take Flight

August 12th emerged as a pivotal day in the chronicles of Brain Tree Games. The launch site bore witness to meticulous preparations, each action resonating with the gravity of the moment. The inflation of the sounding balloon, a dance of helium and science, culminated in the puzzle's ascent. At 11:58 AM, the world watched as history was made – a puzzle venturing into the cosmic abyss.

The team's elation was palpable as they cheered the puzzle's soaring ascent, reveling in the realization of a dream forged over years. Yet, amid the euphoria, the disappearance of tracking signals stoked a pang of apprehension. Hope wavered as the puzzle reached stratospheric heights, eclipsing the signals that tethered it to Earth.

  • A Resonating Return: Amidst Stars and Serendipity

Then, at 2:28 PM, a digital beacon rekindled hope, casting a celestial light on the darkness. Determination rekindled, the team raced against time to retrieve the puzzle from its extraterrestrial reverie. A frenzied drive culminated in a moment of glory – the payload nestled in a field, a testament to human resilience and unyielding spirit.

Gently unwrapping the payload, the team uncovered a camera still warm to the touch – a tangible testament to the cosmic journey it had undertaken. With a collective breath held, the camera was powered on, and the footage unfurled, a visual odyssey capturing the ethereal vistas of space, and the triumphant moments of the puzzle's voyage.

 Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space

  • A Puzzle's Journey: Beyond Earth and Back Again

The 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, a marvel of design and engineering, embarked on its cosmic journey as the heart of the payload. While the puzzle was slated to reach altitudes surpassing 100,000 feet, its voyage was not just an ascent through space – it was a voyage through human ambition and ingenuity.

 Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space

  • Unveiling the Cosmic Masterpiece: The Return to Earth's Embrace

After its triumphant journey through the cosmos, the puzzle's return was nothing short of miraculous. As the payload was retrieved and carefully unpacked, the jigsaw puzzle emerged unscathed, a beacon of resilience amidst the challenges of the unknown. It stood as a testament to the collaborative spirit of the team, the intricacies of manufacturing, and the unwavering pursuit of the extraordinary.

In the grand narrative of Brain Tree Games' cosmic puzzle launch, the manufacturing of the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle was more than a process – it was a symphony of innovation, artistry, and determination. It highlighted the power of human creativity to transcend the boundaries of what was once thought possible, forever intertwining the puzzle's story with the broader saga of humanity's quest to reach for the stars.

 Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space

  • Beyond Horizons: A Tale of Human Aspiration

The elation experienced transcended the accomplishment itself, symbolizing the infinite scope of human ambition. The jigsaw puzzle, now emblematic of uncharted territories and undying curiosity, encapsulated the spirit of exploration. As Brain Tree Games returned to their office, the footage and experiences they bore were not just records of an audacious endeavor – they were anthems to human tenacity, a testament that innovation knows no bounds, and a pledge to continually explore the farthest reaches of the universe – piece by resolute piece.

Launching World's 1st Puzzle Into Space

You Can watch the video of the puzzle travelling into space Here :

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