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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS ABOVE $75 | Breaking News : We Sent Our Jigsaw Puzzle Into SPACE 🚀🧩
FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS ABOVE $75 | Breaking News : We Sent Our Jigsaw Puzzle Into SPACE 🚀🧩

About Us

Online Jigsaw Puzzles

We are Brain Tree Games- one of the leading jigsaw puzzles & Soapstone Carving Kit manufacturers worldwide. We create and design puzzles & Soapstone Carving Kit that excite enthusiastic hobbyist to have a rejuvenating experience. With the mission to bridge the gap between top-notch quality and affordable pricing, we bring exclusive, cost-effective puzzles & Soapstone Carving Kit to the U.S market.

Having 58+ years of experience in Printing & Packaging , we are now focused on providing the best jigsaw puzzles  & Soapstone Carving Kit at your doorsteps. If we boil it down, it’s the build quality, creativity, and great price range which separates our puzzles & Soapstone Carving Kit. Solving puzzles & Carving is like a mental exercise for your brain. The more you exercise, the better you become.

What We Value?

Customer Experience

Great customer experience is paramount at Brain Tree Games. Since we stepped into the puzzle manufacturing world, our primary focus has been to deliver the best in the most cost-effective range. While we minimize our profits, we maximize the user experience of all the puzzlers & Carving kit we reach.


The quality of jigsaw puzzles & Soapstone Carving Kit is kept at superior levels so that it gives a premium feel to combine all the puzzles & sculptures.

Effective Pricing

What sets Brain Tree Games apart is our pricing. There has been a significant price gap in the U.S. puzzle & Toy industry. Nobody is providing premium puzzles & Carving Kit at cost-effective prices. But being one of the best jigsaw puzzles & Soapstone Carving Kit brands, our approach in the puzzle creation and manufacturing business is to bridge the gap in the U.S. market and provide premium puzzles.

Why Brain Tree Games?

There are hundreds of average puzzles available, but their build quality isn’t premium and you don’t enjoy them while solving. And if you decide to buy jigsaw puzzles for adults & Soapstone Carving Kit from other dealers that provide premium finish and exceptional detailing, the price brackets can put a hole through your pockets.

At Brain Tree Games, we have a pitch-perfect blend of a wide range of exclusive puzzles & Soapstone Carving Kit to choose from and that too in an affordable price bracket. Scroll and shop premium puzzles & Soapstone Carving Kit easily through our online store. 

To improve your brain muscle from the ease of your bedroom in the most fun-loving way, we provide home delivery of all the products available in our store. Following all the Covid precaution measures, our products are thoroughly sanitized and kept in secure warehouses.

We also have a no-questions-asked refund policy that allows you to get your money back if you don’t like what you receive. Moreover, if you face any issues or have any complaints regarding any of our products, please get in touch with our support; we’ll be more than happy to address all your queries promptly.

Get hands-on the best quality jigsaw puzzles from Brain Tree Games at your doorsteps.