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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS ABOVE $75 | Breaking News : We Sent Our Jigsaw Puzzle Into SPACE 🚀🧩
Jigsaw Puzzle Brand comparison | Brain Tree Games

Jigsaw Puzzle Brand comparison | Brain Tree Games

Brain Tree Games vs Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill vs White Mountain Puzzle : Which is better for me?


It can be a really overwhelming being in the hunt for the best jigsaw puzzle brand . But after a little online research you quickly recognize and bond with a few brands only but in many ways everything you see is different in its own way.

At the end of the day the only thing you consider is product satisfaction where a customer enjoys a purchase every single moment living with it and sharing the purchase with friends and family.

In this comparison below companies like brain tree games ,ravensburger , cobble hill and white mountain are brought to the table with their very own pros and cons .

We hope by the end of this article , you will feel much more confident and happy buying the brand you like.

Let's begin.

  • Puzzle Box comparison

Brain tree games puzzle ,ravensburger , cobble hill and white mountain have the similar box sizes compared to each other like 28x38x6.2 

All h the companies have a landscape perspective model where the images are printed in a wide angle which explains the details of the picture easily and neatly.

The print of the boxes are a bit different and unique in all  these brands where brain tree games have a soft touch matte effect which makes the box’s feel more luxurious , Ravensburger,cobble hill  has got a linen effect which has a matte effect on the box but white mountain has a glossy finish .

The front of the boxes of Brain tree games has its logo on the top left corner in a big and legible font where it is easy to identify the brand on the other hand ravensburger has the branding in the bottom left corner with a blue band which highlights the name , The cobble hill puzzle portrays its brand name in the bottom left corner in a green patch where it's easily visible lastly white mountain puzzle has their bold logo on the top left corner of the box in a blue patch where its big and bold.

All the brands have the descriptions of the products like the barcodes and other details on the sides of the box. 

Braintree games has a band of bright chrome yellow color on the sides of the box where if the box is stored on a shelf sideways it is very easy to identify the brand with the bright color associated with the box wherein ravensburger has a simple tone to its side of the box where the color is white and with a small patch of blue which highlights the brand well , The cobble hill brand has a dark green tone on the box which shows that the color is associated with the brand and white mountain puzzles also have a white subtle color box with a blue band like a ravensburger box.

All the brands have the exact same board thickness ,where the boxes are very much the same .

  • Contents Inside The Puzzle Box

Brain Tree Games have their box full. I'm not joking ,their box is full with tons of goodies in it. Like it has a puzzle poster with BTG poster program behind it where games like crossword or Facts are printed behind the poster for more activities , The 4 puzzle sorting trays which are very unique and very new to the market which helps the puzzlers segregate their puzzles by color while solving the puzzle while the sorting trays are made up of only virgin cardboard the trays are very sturdy and reusable for sure, zipper bag which comes along has the branding printed on it which makes the puzzlers work of preserving the puzzle after its done very easy and safe which benefits some while reselling, The puzzle box stand is another goodie which helps the puzzler keep the box straight ahead in front of them while solving the puzzle , The catalogue inside the box teases the customer to buy their new products which are on sale , After so much of the things inside last but never the least the puzzle bag where the 1.9 greyback german eska kappa board quality cut puzzles are safely stored.

Ravensburger has a few items in it with the product catalogue which has their on sale products for the consumer reference and the puzzle bag with the blue back 1.9mm thickness puzzle pieces inside them , The cobble hill puzzle has á poster and the blue back puzzle bag inside and white mountain puzzle box has a puzzle box stand which is neat and tidy ,a poster and the blue back puzzle in a bag.where in comparison all the products have very minimal dust inside the box.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Thickness

In terms of comparing all the brands or any brand ravensburger puzzle thickness is taken as a quality comparison . In this regard all the companies play well in the thickness where its 1.9mm in all of them . So equal points to all of them.

  • Cut and Size Of The Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

In this aspect of cut all of them are very different in their own ways , where braintree games have a non grid cut which has all funky and different shapes and sizes on the other hand ravensburger has a grid cut where the sides of the puzzles are straight,the cobble hill has a random cut and whitemountain also has a random cut , few prefer this and few prefer that.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Fit

Brain tree games have a tight fit in it where after the puzzle is completed the whole puzzle can be lifted holding both the top edges . On the other hand ravensburger has also a tight fit and claims to have the soft click technology where its a satisfying idea for few consumers with this brand, cobble hill also has a nice tight fit which is satisfying and white mountain also has a good tight fit which can be lifted when completed.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Image Reproduction

Braintree games ,ravensburger,cobble hill and white mountain all have great quality image reproduction where the colors and dots of all the puzzles are of very high standards .all  play well in the colors.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Image Variety

In this category ravensburger takes the lead where it has the highest amount of variety the ravensburger hundreds and hundreds of products to choose from and cobble hill and white mountain puzzles have couple of hundred images on their websites too where as brain tree games which has been a new company in the market has 75 varieties to offer as of now but they are sure of having 100 varieties addition every single year ahead .

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Printing technology

Braintree games have been printing in a high end printing technology from the beginning where the box and the puzzles have a droplet technology over them , which gives it a luxurious feel to it and the glaring is reduced to the least when compared to ravensburger or cobble hill for example if the ravensburger has 60% glare resistance braintree games puzzle have 75% glare resistance which is a boon for many people over the age of 55 looking at the puzzles for a very long duration. Wherein white mountain has a glossy finish which is a small downside with this brand .

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Pricing

Braintree games is very competitively priced when compared to ravensburger,cobble hill and white mountain where braintree games puzzles costs $15.95 and ravensburger costs upward of $19.00 , cobble hill costs 18 usd and white mountain also costs 18 USD..Braintree games saves you a lot of bucks in the long term we suppose ,but few of them having big pockets could go for the ravensburger.

Summary or takeaway

Braintree games ,ravensburger,cobble hill and white mountain have a very good and healthy fight where the ravensburger has an advantage of big brand recognition from many years . But Braintree games fights it heart out with its amount of quantity and quality it serves its customers . At last it's the customer's choice that matters !! It's just upto you to decide which fits better into your world. Enjoy puzzling.


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